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A simple HTTP/HTTPS proxy server packaged as a library (see the JavaDoc in the documentation section) and designed to listen to HTTP requests and responses going throw it. It has also the ability to modify on the fly requests and/or responses.
For HTTP over SSL, it uses the "man in the middle" principle, and so will generate on you internet browser warnings about certificates.

EXProxy Main Window

EXProxy now comes with a simple Graphical User Interface, just download the jar file and execute it (double-click on the file or use the "java -jar thejarfile" command)! It will create a default keystore file inside the directory where it has been downloaded. EXproxy requires Java 5.


  • 2005-08-26 : EXProxy 0.8.0 "Stable API"
    • API are now stable, almost everything has been modified.
    • API now provides listeners to receive failures and client connections events.
    • Performance enhancements, thanks to Netbeans great profiler.
    • Simple graphical user interface, in order to quickly launch and test EXProxy engine.
    • SSL dead lock bug fix
    • Better error support within code.
    • Better log messages.
    • Some configuration parameters are still not yet available.
  • 2005-08-05 : EXProxy 0.7.0
    • First release "Work still in progress".
    • Basic features are operational.
    • API are not yet stable, change will occur on :
      • HttpMessageListener and HttpMessageProcessor interfaces.
      • Message listener and processor registering methods.
    • Some configuration parameters are not yet available.

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