Photo Mail Wizard


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David Crosson


The email address you'll give to Paypal in order to receive your paiment receipt, is also used to get download information on the product you bought.
The "PhotoMailWizard without constraints" release will be configured with that address and any change will be forbidden.

Sold products Price (EUR) Buy
PhotoMailWizard without constraints 5€
Source code 150€

The free release of PhotoMailWizard comes with two constraints :

  • PhotoMailWizard Advertisements insertion into emails and photos
  • Any changes made to sender email address with be sent to

The commercial release remove those two constraints.

Source code is sold with basic source code documentation, it comes with all required dependencies (except for ANT and JAVA JDK 5.0), and can be easily and quickly built.
If you need any particular help on source, documentation or higher level documentations, contact me to get conditions.