Photo Mail Wizard


Product email :

Author email :
David Crosson

Use the web installer

OR download the classical installer

Installation procedure :

  • Download : photomailwizard-installer-1.1.0.jar from this link
  • Run photomailwizard-installer-1.1.0.jar installer, you may either :
    • double click on the installer file ("photomailwizard-installer-1.1.0.jar") in order to start installation
    • or run the following command :
      java -jar "photomailwizard-installer-1.1.0.jar"

The installer will create a desktop start icon and will update your applications menu whatever is your operating system.

Warning, if you do not have release 5 of Java installed on your computer, you will have to update or install it.
Java 5 is available here : Java 5

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