Photo Mail Wizard


Product email :

Author email :
David Crosson

User features

  • Multiple language support (english and french are available)
  • Photos recursive search inside a given set of directories. The following filters are available
    • Filename
    • Keywords
    • Comments
    • Added those last days, weeks, months
    • Already sent those last days, weeks, months
    • Added after a given date
    • Added before a given date
  • Select photos within search results.
    It is possible to start a new search and add new photos that match those new search criterias.
  • For each selected photos : review, rotate, comment, set keywords
  • Set maximum dimension and compression level for emailed photos
  • Set the maximum number of photos by email
  • Activate photos comments insertion in email
  • Recipients select, create, modify or delete
  • Message compose
  • Configure mail parameters (Autoconfigure available if Outlook Express, thunderbird or mozilla/Mail are used)
  • Send emails, while a sending is in progress it is possible to prepare next photos and message to send.

Technical features

  • Based on Java 5, Swing, JavaMail, Java2D, ImageIO, Logger, XMLEncoder/Decoder...
  • Coded with NetBeans 4.1
  • Compiled and Built with Ant
  • Tested thanks to JUnit
  • Protected by yguard
  • Installer relies on IzPack
  • The software is multithreaded, search, thumbnails generation and email sending are made in background
  • Photos are loaded asynchronously
  • Photos are not modified
  • Nothing is written inside photos directories
  • PhotoMailWizard only write inside its working directory.
    (".photowizards" directory inside your home directory)
  • Use java default logging system, log files are located inside the working directory