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David Crosson


Thanks to PhotoMailWizard you will be able to send easily and quickly photos to your friends or family. Don't waste anymore time and share more events occuring in your life. Your friends or family will appreciate to receive photos with optimal email dimension and size and they'll delight with your comments.

Through six steps, you'll be able to:
  • Find photos that match your search criterias
    (date, keywords, ...)
  • Choose some photos,
  • For each photo : Review, rotate, comment and/or modify keywords,
  • Review your dimension and size parameters,
  • Write your message,
  • Send your photos in one or several emails.

The free release is available without any features restrictions or date limit but it will do its own advertisement inside sent messages, and will keep me inform with the email address you're using to send messages.

You can buy this product for a low price if you want to remove those two small constraints.
For more information : Buy me

PhotoMailWizard runs on any operating system where Java 5 is available. PhotoMailWizard has been tested on :

  • Linux with KDE or GNOME desktop
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000

Product news

  • 2005-06-30 : PhotoMailWizard 1.1.0
    • keywords can be set on each photo
    • keywords search criteria has been added
    • comments words search criteria has been added
    • comments insertion is now available for free.
    • Automatic mail parameters configuration (from mozilla/mail, thunderbird or outlook express current configuration
    • bug fixes, see release notes for more details
  • 2005-06-02 : PhotoMailWizard 1.0.2
    • New search criteria : only get already sent photos during a given time period
    • Photos are shown while they are loading
    • Bigger thumbnails on screen
    • bug fixes, see release notes for more details
  • 2005-04-29 : PhotoMailWizard 1.0.1
    • "Comments your photo" feature addition
      This new feature works only for the first photo you send, to unlock see next section.
    • bug fixes
  • 2005-04-20 : PhotoMailWizard 1.0.0, first public release

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